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The best surf movie that got me hooked

I’ve recently visited Barbados. A small Caribbean island that isn’t very famous for surfing. But if the conditions are right, the Bajan waves can get epic. Especially on Soup bowl – a sharp chunk of reef producing fast right-handed barrels.

But to me, it wasn’t about the barrels or surfing epic waves. Visiting Barbados was more sentimental for me.

It is one of the locations of my favorite surf film of all times – The Kerrazy Kronicles.

The movie is a highlight reel of an Australian surfer Josh Kerr who pioneered the modern air game in surfing. There is no story behind it, just watching the pros was enough at that time as we weren’t bombarded with a new YouTube or Instagram video each day.

The Barbados scene is the highlight of the whole movie and that background music from Years Around The Sun was playing in my head for the whole time.

If I should pick one of my greatest surfing inspirations, this scene was definitely it. Watching it back in 2011 got me hooked on surfing for life. I still enjoy playing it from time to time and visiting the location was sacred to me.

I’m glad I was able to see and try to surf some of the places in person. And I’m grateful that I got inspired by Josh and his pals to take on surfing and travel the world.

Do you also have a similar surf movie that changed your life?
Feel free to share.

I can’t find the full movie in HD online, if you do, please send us a link in the comments. Here’s the 480p version: