Ben Supertubos

Different surf guide

Why so different?

It’s simple – NoBadWave doesn’t just list out those traditional facts about the waves available in each location. It’s a personal experience of a visiting surfer.

All neatly packed in a new web story format, filled with actual tips that could help you to enjoy more waves.

First-hand tips

Only key travel & surfing points, really specific for the destination. Selection of the most reliable surf spots. Some really useful tips.

Avoid problems

Don’t waste your time with the crowds, travel complications, poor surfing conditions, or dodging the dangers. It’s already been solved.

Helps you decide

One picture or video may help you more than 1000 words. Combining both in short stories is the ultimate way to process information.

NoBadWave is only at the beginning, so here’s my first three surf guide web stories.

Sao Miguel surf guide cover
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Guadeloupe surf guide cover
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Imsouane surg guide cover
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More coming soon…

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I’ve been lucky to have visited over 60 different surf destinations, and I’ll be happy to share all the experiences. So the more coffee-supporters I get, the more Different Surf Guide stories I’ll post.

Of course, there is much more to explore in each destination, so there’s still a good reason to read the traditional surf guide books & websites too. Also, you can find a lot of useful travel & surfing info on my NoBadWave surfer’s blog.

And don’t forget: some things are better to discover by yourself!