Here at NoBadWave, I value all the privacy rules. And furthermore, I’m committed to make this website as pleasant to use as possible. Here are some rules that I follow:

No annoying ads

I hate when showing ads becomes more important than the actual website content. I want you to be able to read what I have to say without any distractions. And then, if you enjoy it, you can decide if you would like to support or buy something. I’m also open to 3rd party promotions on the website, but it needs to be displayed in a non-aggressive manner.

These are the main 3 rules NoBadWave will try to follow:

  • No pop-up windows with ads or newsletter opt-ins
  • No ads displayed in front of the content
  • No meaningless affiliate clickbaits

Humble Newsletter

There is an option to subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of each article. It will be used roughly once a month to highlight the new interesting topics and to promote the surf trips.

The email contacts are stored securely and will never be given to any 3rd party.

Maximum data protection

The website collects cookies for the following purposes:

  • Visitor statistics provided by Matomo Analytics (more secure than Google Analytics)
  • Fight against spam in the comments and contact forms

All the data is encrypted and handled according to the GDPR and privacy laws.

My take on social media

There are social media sharing buttons embedded on the website that you can use. I’ll be grateful if you help more people to discover my blog.

I believe that it’s up to each of us to decide how much time we spend using the social media and consuming their content. Currently, I’m trying to limit mine to zero, so there are no NoBadWave social media profiles to follow.

The reason for that is because I’ve stopped believing in the social media being a good tool to use. Their interface design is heavily commerce oriented and made addictive on purpose. Furthermore, I’m concerned about recent studies showing connections between social media use and various problems like mental health issues, procrastination, polarization & extremism, or simply people not having enough time for really joyful activities like surfing.