Pentacoastal – My favorite surf film of 2020

Here’s one of my favorite surf videos to watch.

Usually, I’m not intrigued by the professional surfer’s content. Especially if there is no deeper story or anything to learn from it. But this one is a masterpiece.

The camera is flawless and the dark theme combined with deep rock music is a perfect match for the gloomy pandemic mood the world is in right now.

Of course, it may be a shock compared to the mainstream Aloha spirited sunshine & palms with generic music background surf flicks that we are usually bombarded. But if you like a little bit of dark raw ocean power, you’re gonna love it as I do.

Well done Wade Goodall, Shane Fletcher & Vans!
And thanks for free sharing on YouTube!

28:20 is easily one of the best surf-scenes I’ve ever seen.

What do you think?
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