Ocean Hero: The valiant search engine every surfer should use

Do you know that there are other internet search engines as Google?

I’m not talking about Bing or Alta Vista… but in fact, there are many alternatives that work just fine. Today, I’ve stumbled upon one that I’m going to use.

It’s called Ocean Hero.

It works just the same way as Google, you can search for whatever you need to find on the internet, and it shows you the results. But the trick is that as you do that, you’re helping them to collect plastic and prevent it from being thrown into the rivers, the sea, and ultimately the ocean.

How it works?

Like any other search engine, the Ocean Hero makes money by showing you ads. But the difference is that they don’t hoard it to ultimately rule the world like Google, they spend it on saving the oceans. Read more about it here.

There’s also a special bonus for the sea-loving surfers. If you want more oceanic feel on your computer screen, you can enable the “Ocean mode” and have your search results pop-up nicely underwater on a beautiful beach.

Go ahead and check it out at oceanhero.today.