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Away from the main tourist paths.  A tranquil fishing village now embracing the  surfing vibe.

IMSOU 🏄‍♀️ surf

It's all about the Bay - one of the longest right-hand point breaks in the world.  Usually more suitable for longboards.  Can get epic when big. 

Best waves: Nov-Feb Best weather: Oct & Mar Water temp: 16-22°C 

Beware of

Especially at mid to High tide

Don't paddle against

Hike back to the point

The 😫 current

Where to surf?

Needs bigger swell

Faster, bigger & more open to wind

Runs from the point into the harbor

Playful lefts & rights when it's small

The water can be polluted

AVOID: surfing after rain





Spot 🏄 check

Imsouane - The bay

On a small day it's a beginner paradise. Easy paddle out from the harbor. Aim for low to mid tide.

Lessons from 25€

Spot 🏄 check

Imsouane - The bay

Big swell can bring epic endless rides. Don't get swept too far by the current. Use a bigger board, hybrid, or fish. 

Up to 1km long waves!

Spot 🏄 check

Cathedral point

A great beach break when Bay is small. The point starts working on a medium swell. Avoid when too big.

Check out the left on the reef too


Crime is relatively low here, but never keep anything on the beach or in the car.

Don't forget that you're in Africa. Hygiene is poor. Avoid meat, eat fresh seafood.

Save some 💸 cash

Book a shuttle from Essaouira or Taghazout for about 10€.  You don't need a car in Imsouane - just walk to surf.

Find accommodation with good breakfast to save time and money

Eat 😋 this!


Fresh seafood

Delicious traditional dish cooked in a pot.

Buy in the harbor and cook your own.

Flat day 🐐 fun

Check out the local argan oil farms.

Do an ATV tour into a Berber village.

Try sand surfing on a dune.

Don't 📷 miss


A stunning historic town with old, narrow streets full of local arts & crafts.  And a vibrant & authentic fishing harbor.

The 🇲🇦 Locals

Respect  the Berber &  Muslim culture.

No alcohol - buy it in the airport or supermarket. No shorts in the town. Ask before taking a photo. Friday is their Sunday.

Thanks for reading

Now enjoy 🤙 Imsouane

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