Into the Jaws

Would you like to learn how to surf big waves?
Mee too!

Do you want to start this journey together?
Join me on the adventure!

Into the Jaws is a new project that aims to create a small club of European surfers dedicated to training and surfing bigger waves.

Our ultimate goal is to surf decent-sized Jaws (Pe’Ahi in Maui) one day. But to enjoy the whole journey is the real purpose of our community.

Don’t worry, we will start humbly and safely. Surfing 10 to 15 feet waves could be the first goal. And once we’re feeling prepared and strong, we can progress further.

Please send me an email to if you’re interested.

Basic values of Into the Jaws community:

  • No record chasing, just pure joy of riding decent sized waves
  • Mostly for amateurs, beginner big wave riders welcome
  • Possibility to shape & ride own surfboards
  • Conscious travel, healthy lifestyle, positive attitude
  • Helping each other & give back to those in need

Into the Jaws surf club activities:

  • Online training program & shared workouts
  • Safety education, courses, seminars, information sharing
  • Surfboard making workshops
  • Organization of big wave camps & surf trips:
    • Big wave training camp (summer, Europe)
    • Big wave trip (autumn, Europe)
    • Big wave explore (spring, outside of Europe)

I’m planning to cover the whole journey on the blog, so feel free to follow it here even if big waves are not your passion.